The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling...

The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling...


The last week of August 2019 was a non-stop blah blah blah media craziness about the 'looming' recession.  Ridiculous absolutely ridiculous. There I said it, ok. And I have my reasons for saying how ridiculous the blah blah media blitz has been. I'm the type of person that deals with facts from multiple financial analysts that know and understand how markets work.  And I've been studying the markets for sometime, years actually. And naturally being a real estate broker, I keep abreast of the real estate market and trends in my area as well as national trends.  But please keep in mind - real estate is local, not national.


Let's start with the inverted yield curve. For Pete's sake an upside down yield curve for a few hours or even a few days does not denote a recession is imminent. Sure in the past, it has denoted a recession 'could happen' say 18 to 24 months out, but not always when there are other factors in the mix, like a stong economy. From my understanding, the reason the yield curve was inverted had more to do with A LOT of money coming into our country from the countries that have a negative economy. Of course they'd want to park their money in the U.S.A. market. That just makes sense. Our economy is strong.


I also heard A LOT of media folks creating a huge fire storm with the R word, over and over and over and over and over and over. You get my point.  Of course some folks are going to get all fired up and believe the big R is coming soon after all that blather. Some folks even suggested it's what the country needs to get rid of the current President.  Seriously,  you'd rather take down millions and millions of people financially for an election? Do you hear yourself?  I wonder about how all your viewers and subscribers would feel about that idea. Sure sign me up?  I highly doubt that. That whole idea is just nuts in my opinion. Thankfully the R word brew ha ha has died down somewhat this week - or so it appears. Let's let it.


My last last point is China.  China is a long game. It's taken 30+ years to get where we are with trade and theft of our intellectual property. I've often times wondered why on earth would some of the big corporations allow this to take place? For their bottom line of course. I know a number folks that have worked on big projects in China training people for years, and they thought the same thing.  I do know it's not good to get stuck in this crazy upside down trade and intellectual property place for another 30 years while we are losing billions a year.  It may take some time to get a more reasonable trade situation going on with China and I choose to let the process work itself through. It's complicated.


So what about the real estate market in Phoenix? It's going strong with lots of sales of both new builds and resell homes. In some areas the market leans towards a sellers market, in others it's more balanced between sellers/buyers market. It's very important to hire an agent that knows and understands the current market and trends in your area - no matter where you live!


My very last point.  This is not a political post. I repeat NOT a political post.  Whatever views you have is fine by me. I respect other folks views, kind the old fashioned way it used to be. And honestly I'd like to see respect along with civil discourse become the norm once again.


Thank You Debe Maxwell, CRS for this fantastic idea for an AR challenge Fall Challenge 2019 - Plan By Anwering The Difficult Questions.




 The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling...


BTW the sky is not falling...



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