Beat the Phoenix Heat - San Diego Bound!

OK, you want the ocean? We'll give you the ocean ... but you're going to have to drive a bit. I'm telling Beat the Phoenix Heat - San Diego Bound! you, Phoenix locals have long known the secrets for beating the heat, and one includes heading to Ocean! Beat the Phoenix Heat - San Diego Bound!


Head west to San Diego ... and be prepared to be hear the moniker, Zonie, which is what San Diegans call Arizonans who take refuge from the heat in their picturesque, waterfront city.



Make your visit to San Diego a bit smoother by following these tips:


  • If you've lived in Arizona for a while and are used to that walking-into-a-furnace feeling you get when you go outside in the summer, San Diego's air is downright FRIGID in comparison. You will likely need a sweater for the mornings and evenings.


  • Make lodging reservations before you arrive. Unless sleeping in your car appeals to you.


  • Get yourself a detailed map of San Diego. You may or may not find it very helpful, but it's always good to have in a pinch, like when you find yourself accidentally headed straight for the Tijuana border.


  • The prices to get in to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World may shock you into cardiac arrest. Be prepared by finding one of those discount admission coupons ahead of time.


  • You can recognize other Zonies by their license plates - even in oncoming traffic! That's right - we don't have front plates on our cars, so you can tell the Zonies from the natives from a distance.

    Beat the Phoenix Heat - San Diego Bound!
  • Get your exercise while touring the city by renting a bicycle!


Whatever you do, remember to take sunscreen with you to the beach and WEAR it. Just because it's (A LOT) it's cooler there doesn't mean that sun still won't burn you to a crisp. Protect yourself!


San Diego is absolutely beautiful, though, and well worth the drive for a respite from the heat of the Valley.


Beat the Phoenix Heat - San Diego Bound!


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