Guide For First Time Home Buyers - Step 4


Guide For First Time Home Buyers - Step 4


Step 4: Determine what you want in a home


It's all starting to come together. After meeting with your lender, you knowGuide For First Time Home Buyers - Step 4 what you can afford, you've been pre-approved for a loan, and now you can decide what you want.


A great way to organize your home buying process is to separate your wants and needs.


Examples of needs:

-What style home? Condominium, townhouses, single-family home, etc...

-How many bedrooms?

-How many bathrooms?

-Proximity to schools: Do you need to be close to a school or are children not in your near future?

-Two-car garage? Three-car garage?

-RV gate?

-Handicapped accesibility or accomodations?

Examples of wants:

-Pool? Jacuzzi?

-One-story or two-story?

-Proximity to neighbors?

-Size of backyard

-Stainless steel appliances? White appliances?

-Walk-in closets?

-Wood floors? Tile? Carpet?

-Built in entertainment center, microwave, bookshelves, etc...?



These wants and needs vary depending on the person, but this is just an idea of what to consider.



Terms to know:

Condominium: A form of ownership in which an individual purchases and owns a unit of housing in a

multiunit complex while sharing financial responsibility for common areas.

Townhouse: A modern two- or three-story house built as one of a group of similar houses

Single-family home: A type of house, usually detached, owned by one person or family, including the land upon which it sits. (This is the most common in Arizona)

Once you've decided your needs and wants, you are now ready to meet with your REALTOR, share those needs and wants, and get started on finding the perfect home for you!


My advice: Think ahead. Consider how long you may stay in the house. If it's going to be awhile, plan ahead for what those needs vs wants may be in the future, as well.


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Guide For First Time Home Buyers - Step 4



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Hi Anna, Your book looks great and the presentaion of the steps are very clearn and easy to follow. good for you for putting this all together for yor buyers.

Posted by Peter Pfann @ eXp Realty Pfanntastic Properties in Victoria, Since 1986., Talk To or Text Peter 250-213-9490 (eXp Realty, Victoria BC about 8 years ago

Anna - how great of you to write an ebook helping first time home owners buy their dream home! You've written such great advice and I will refer this book to anyone considering buying a home! Great job and way to pay it forward!

Posted by Kristine Ginsberg, NJ Home Stager (Elite Staging and Redesign, LLC) about 8 years ago


Awesome info for buyers.  I am helping a fabulous first time home buyer who doesn't like change, so we are looking for homes that will suit for a long number of years.  

All the best, Michelle

Posted by Michelle Francis, Realtor, Buckhead Atlanta Homes for Sale & Lease (Tim Francis Realty LLC) about 8 years ago

This is such great information for first time buyers! Excellent series!

Posted by Dick and Dixie Sells, Realtors, Tampa Bay Florida Homes For Sale (Sells Real Estate, LLC) about 8 years ago

Peter  & Linda - appreciate your feedback.  Thanks!

Kristine - you're welcome. Honored to have your clients read my ebook!

Michelle - not many of those long-term buyers these days. That's a whole other way to buy a house.  Seems like folks live from 5 to 7 years and then move on. 

Dick and Dixie - thanks!

Posted by Anna Banana Kruchten CRB, CRS 602-380-4886, Arizona's Top Banana! (Phoenix Property Shoppe) about 8 years ago

I've been reading the series of posts (and not commenting, sorry).  But on this one, I have to ask:  They use fireplaces in Phoenix?!?  LOL   We have them here, in the cold, wet Pacific NW.  A/C units . . . not so much.  Anyway, a list of wants/needs is vital!!!  Fireplaces or not!  :-)

Posted by Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED (RETIRED / State License is Inactive) about 8 years ago

Yes Carla we do have fireplaces!  Normally we only used them 2 months a year - and it's kind of nice when it's cold (yes it does get cold here). Plus it give a lot of warmth and ambiance.

Posted by Anna Banana Kruchten CRB, CRS 602-380-4886, Arizona's Top Banana! (Phoenix Property Shoppe) about 8 years ago

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