Stress and Home Inspections


"Are you kidding me? I'm not going to fix all those items! Stress and Home Inspections can go side by side but there is a way to handle home inspections...Stress and Home Inspections


Good grief the buyers are being awfully picky. And now they want to reduce the sales price? I'm not giving them a $5000 credit in lieu of repairs!"


Sound familiar? It does to me...I have heard these kind of things a lot over the last 20+ years.

Most sellers don't think about having a home inspection before they put their home on the market. They wait until the buyers present their home inspection request list to discover that they have some serious problems that need to be repaired or replaced.

Needless to say the inspection process can be one of the most stressful times for both buyers and sellers. There is a solution to this problem. I recommend that sellers have a pre-inspection on their home before it goes on the market. This will give them an opportunity to discover any hidden problems and make the necessary repairs. With all the potential problems solved, the sellers can relax throughout the selling process knowing full well their home is in excellent order.

Here in Arizona we use the Buyers Inspection Notice and Sellers response (BINSR). I recently helped one of our agents through a difficult inspection process. The buyers presented their BINSR but did not use the form as it is intended, as a repair request list. They instead had written 'in lieu of repairs sellers to credit the buyers $3000 to cover the cost of extensive repairs needed. The buyers did not want to give a copy of the inspection report to the sellers (which in AZ is required as part of the purchase contract.

Obviously the sellers would have been very upset to hear this kind of news as they knew their home was in good order due to a pre-inspection. Our skillful listing agent was able to work with the buyers agent to help him understand that the BINSR is only a repair request list and should not be used as a sales price reduction or a monetary credit for repairs, as that option does not exist on the BINSR. And of course they discussed that the home inspection report must be given to the sellers per contract.

The good news is that the agents were able to work through the issues and come to a successful result for both the buyer and the seller. This is not always the case. Sometimes there are stressed out parties in a transaction and they just don't want to hear that they must follow the terms of the contract and/or they've been given misguided advice. These are the times when both the seller and the buyer need to step back, take a moment (or a day) and figure out what's most important to them. Do they really want to buy the house? Do the sellers really want to sell? If the answer is yes to both, then finding a solution is the best course of action for both parties involved. It takes a skillful, experienced real estate agent to handle these difficult situations.

I do suggest you consider  having your sellers have a pre-inspection before putting their home on the market. This will give them peace of mind during the inspection process and reduce your risk of the buyers wanting to re-negotiate the selling price and/or other terms and conditions. It will also give the buyers peace of mind because they will see that the seller has taken great care of your home.


Stress and Home Inspections



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I have a cat that looks eerily similar to that one.

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Let me tell you, with short sales still prevalent, there are not many homeowners willing to fix ANYTHING. 

I will send Ron or Don over here, too!

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